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cheap coach outlet Contribute chill is getting stronger when the people of the northern hemisphere to encourage people to buy more scarves; the brand threshold lowered, so shy customers have the opportunity to touch, buy products; let young fashion lovers a lot of participation in social media to share Hermes information, training the next generation of customers ... ... Another similar, it is worth pondering the case is cooperation with Apple. Hermes leather strap Apple Watch, when the birth of this product when the overwhelming reports are that Apple is changing fashion, you have not thought about Hermes to do this, they map what? Coach had to join in the bandwagon why? Hermes strap Apple Watch in the United States starting price of $ 1,149, which opened a new Hermes door to the world, as if: 'Apple Hermes introduced to their own fans.' Look, compared to Hermes large, skin Watch Apple Watch is not too expensive, right? Fans spend much money, they have a Hermes sample, and is the most coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store representative of leather goods. Apple Watch to buy people naturally have so little money, they may have not paid attention to Hermes, 4. too close to the people, the aristocracy how to think? In order to enhance the sales of scarves, to attract new customers, such as Nordstrom in the United States aunt, 90 after the children; every day to see the fashion information, but the delay in the Chinese young people into the store; those little money Apple fans ... ... see here, if you think that Hermes 'low noble head' a bit rude, after all, they did not significantly discounted. Hermes performance is stable, very few ups and downs as Prada, but the foreign media authority has been unceremoniously wrote, even Hermes and CHANEL are unable to resist the industry cold. Hermes sales last year, a lot of growth, but please note that the results rely on the production of some more leather goods - leather goods, and those long-term in the 'hungry' in the number of rich natural fans how much to buy. But if the old so dry coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet 'hunger marketing' to not go on. Hermes last year, scarves and watches are down. Recent short-term goal of these efforts is to improve this year's earnings, long-term goal is to continue to create their own new customer base, Hermes consider the business is a few hundred years. Hermes and CHANEL these two weathervane also met the risk of myth burst. CHANEL practice is this year's push to push perfume cosmetics these low-threshold, high-margin products, looking for a lot of 90, 95 after the star, a strong attack on young groups. Hermes has no cosmetic genes, perfume can not be considered very powerful, Hermes idol burden is also heavier, they never find the stars to shoot ads, not to mention those little girls who bounce. Because if the People First played, the nobility would think? Hermes is undoubtedly very careful, they did not change their existing boutique shops, but thousands of miles away to do experiments. Experimental items concentrated in the scarf accessories and other small pieces of products coach factory outlet